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Projects we have completed

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    Northlew – An interesting job done in water reed with many different features, including a well.

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    Northlew – Tricky overhangs to porch and garage. Using the correct materials is essential in achieving these features.

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    Dartmoor – Converted barn thatched in traditional Devon wheat read.

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    Building the layers – This photo details the building up of layers of thatch, maintaining an even thickness across the roof.

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    Norfolk Reed – Loaded up and ready for thatching.

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    Ashreigney – An elaborate thatched dog kennel.

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    Ashreigney – The kennel viewed from the opposite side, completed in Devon wheat reed.

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    Gable End – Positioning the reed at the correct angle to ensure a tight gable end.

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    Setting The Eaves – Positioning new eaves under existing reed. New thatch then layered over the top.

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    Small Dormer Window – A small window added and incorporated into the roof with a thatched saddle running over the top.

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    Ornamental Ridge – New thatch with pattern ridge feature, tied in to work with existing slate roof.

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    Tools Of The Trade – Some tools unchanged for hundreds of years, developed to do exactly what’s needed.

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    An Old Cob Barn Saved – A new thatch gives a new lease of life to this very old cob barn.

Rob Wilmott CITB Qualified Master Thatcher
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